Letter in brief


ICCC challenged: I refer to a story by ICCC in The National (June 26) about PMV owners increasing PMV fares.
They stated that only ICCC has the power to increase fare which I agree but they must be smart too when it comes to implementation so PMV operators are charging the right fees. Overcharging is happening everywhere not only in Lae even in Moresby where ICCC headquarter is. PMV operators are over charging fare,
I live at ATS which is not far from Gordon but PMV operators charge K2 for both adults and school children at all levels so if ICCC claim to have the power to set up PMV fares, do they have the power to prosecute operators and revoke their license?
It seems like we are making laws after laws but we fail miserably when it comes to implementation, so ICCC you need to come out from your air condition office and start implementing your laws so that PMV operators are seen to be charging the right fees set up by your office.

John Sinene
ATS, Route 16

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