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Lae bus stop an eye sore
The Lae town bus stop is an eye sore as the potholes are so big that they resemble craters. Most commuters are taxpayers and have voted for the current MPs who are now in Parliament. There is no reason why the MPs are ignoring the plea to have the bus stop sealed, including the road network in the city. Who is responsible? The administrator and lord mayor are not doing anything either. Acting Chief Secretary Manasupe Zurenouc was right when he said public servants were like headless chickens. In addition, police patrols have suddenly ceased and the pickpockets and bag snatchers are out doing their normal businesses again. Can the authorities do something about that? – Wills Doaemo, Lae



Beef up security in Kainantu
Kainantu was once the beautiful “gateway to the Highlands”, It is now a hub for criminals. We need to beef up the security there. The situation is so bad that women and girls are taking a risk walking or working in their gardens alone. The rising crime rate will affect the economic activities of the district. Kainantu alone generates 65% of the revenue for Eastern Highlands through agricultural commodities and if these criminal activities continue, then revenue will be affected. The onus now lies in the hands of the governor and the Kainantu MP to guarantee the safety and security of the people. – Anona Iyampon, Madang



Potape for Hela governor
THE people of Hela would like to thank the NA-led Government for making the dream of Hela people come true after more than 30 years. We also commend the Government for setting a date when Hela becomes a fully-fledged province. The people are keeping a close look at the transitional authorities to be established. Many are hoping that Komo-Margarima MP Francis Potape becomes their acting governor. But one thing is for sure, Hela is not short of capable leaders as we have Tari-Pori MP and Education Minister James Marape and Southern Highlands Governor Anderson Agiru among others. – Filamon PL, via email



Please reopen school
I AM concerned over the continuous closure of Ihu Provincial High School. It has been closed since 2003. It is only 25 minutes walk away from the popular Hohoro oil rig established by the Australian Petroleum Company in 1950s. I would like to know when this school will be opened so that our children can go there for their education instead of other far-away places? – Mea Piku, via email



Thanks, Mul
THE Jiwaka students at Unitech would like to thank our North Waghi MP Benjamin Mul for spending three days with us. During that time, he also committed some funds to the students’ association. He is on the right track by helping to develop the human resource of Jiwaka. – JK Abba, Lae



Keep up the good work, Rambi
I would like to thank Internal Security Minister Sani Rambi for buying trucks for various schools in the Mul-Baiyer electorate. This has come as a relief for the schools. I would also like to commend him for building the Baiyer police station. This will help reduce the law and order problems in the electorate. Mr Rambi has also looked into providing basic services such as constructing feeder roads, aid post and sub- health centres, and many more. Keep up the good work. – Kila Paraka Nii, Mt Hagen



Reward for cops justified
I WOULD like to commend Police Commissioner Gari Baki and the Police Association for signing an MoA to increase the salary of our policemen and policewomen. It is about time they are rewarded for their sacrifices. I hope with the increase in salary, there will be a marked reduction in their “side business” and they really serve the people and country. While the black sheep have tainted the good name of the RPNGC, there are just as many good policemen and women who bring pride to the country. – John D, Port Moresby