Letters in brief


High prices of goods: I write in support of claims of high prices of basic goods charged by shop owners in Alotau especially the supermarkets. And I also call on an urgent attention of concern authorities. Compared to other centres even the Alotau town market food prices like ripe bananas, mangoes and veggies are just sky high. Alotau is a very expensive town to live in when it comes to food. There is no control in market food price as villagers are charging anyhow. The town and market authorities are just too blind to notice this as its normal to them. We also need literate people to head and run the town market authorities to manage this. If you are thinking of residing in Alotau, better be ready for a tight budget. Alotau is a land of opportunity.

Concerned observer
Alotau resident

Bad road: I was in Kiunga station recently and to my surprise I had noticed potholes after potholes and loose gravels all round starting from the airport, Philip corner Aweambip to business hub of Kiunga 4, sealed roads
had eroded and turned into port holes soon or later almost pool enough to ride on the canoes especially during coming rainy season. I appeal to both leaders from the area, the governor and North Fly member to take note for the major road maintenance including bridges. This can cause you hindrance for your election campaign. Remember Kiunga supposed to maintain its title as Kiunga town rather than downgrading it to station.


Powi challenged: Southern Highlands Governor William Powi, by defecting to the Opposition to move a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill you have ended your political career as come the next general elections in 2022. Powi is a Judas, back-stabbing O’Neill who supported him in his election campaigns. He knows very well that if it was not for O’Neill’s support, Joe Kopol of Mendi would have won the Southern Highlands governor’s seat outright in the last elections. In 2022, Powi can contest the local Nipa Kutubu electorate but the chances of being governor of Southern Highlands is finished for him.

Kelly Matoli