Letters in brief


Please explain:
The management of TSL must explain to the members and the general public why their Yumi card is not accessible and they are going back to the old system of filling in forms to withdraw and getting loans. It affects us the rural members. Please explain.

Cease Soon ,

Join union:
Workers in the private sector must start thinking very seriously about joining trade unions that are in your particular industry. Workers cannot fight issues such as high income tax alone. Through the unions, they can all stand tall and fight. So stop dreaming about politicians saving you from your income tax worries. Politicians will trick you for your votes. Once they are in, they will abandon you and go running after the treasure box. You all need to join a union and let your voices be heard loud and clear.

R.G Elijah

Let down:
express my disappointment over the handling of the LLG elections. Our councillors throughout the country are facing uncertainty over their roles while waiting for the courts outcome. Intending candidates have spent money to prepare for the challenge but now it seems all be in vain. Gone are the beautiful days of political maturity. Somewhere somehow I hope we find a way across or through this conflict barrier.

Wawa palibeng