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Pangu Pati issue:
The people supported Pangu in forming the government during the elections but Pangu went on to join hands with the very enemy they were fighting against. While this has been done, we do not want the Pangu Pati to fall again. We are calling onto Sam Basil to leave the new party he is in and come back to Pangu and save Morobe. We want all MPs of Morobe to cooperate with Governor Saonu and empower Pangu again in Morobe, through Pangu.

David Yabim Mape,

Wake up:
I FOR two years the school’s head teachers and hardworking inspectors struggled to raise standards whiles leaders build for pride. Few head teachers and principals need to be sacked and replaced. Where is the DEM (district education)? Is the PPA aware of this? Very sad to see this. Wake up!

Concern parent

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