Letters in brief


Be patient:
CAN the Opposition led by Kerenga Kua be patient and wait for the date for the VoNC? Why is he so desperate and keep asking and pestering the Speaker to recall parliament to deal with their Vote of No Confidence motion back sooner than three weeks as adjourned by Parliament? If the opposition thinks otherwise to unseat Prime Minister, remain calm and wait patiently for the date given by parliament. There is nothing so urgent to be deliberate on in Parliament and I don’t know Kerenga Kua is very desperate. Remain calm and patient. Your time will come.

Concern Citizen, POM

Thank you:
On behalf 300 plus Hela students studying at University of Goroka (UOG) I thank our Governor Philip Aya Undialu for assisting us with our tuition fee. The assistance will go a long way with impact development of our province through human resources development especially for teachers and nursers who will be serving our people at home. Thank you also to the nine sponsorship officer and the hard working team.

Newman Hinalu Hela, UOG

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