Letters in brief


Apologise to your people:
The grass is never greener close-up. Douglas Tomuriesa (Kiriwina-Goodenough), Francis Maneke (Talasea) and Henry Amuli (Sohe) should not apologise to the prime minister.
He lost nothing.
They should apologise to their constituents who stood to lose so much if they persisted with their inane decision.
Perhaps they owe their family members an apology as well. We elected you to lead, not follow.
The grass seems always greener from a distance, but isn’t. Our trio just found out the hard way.

Tzetze Rigretz
Red Hills

Good move PM:
Your news coverage on the prime minister’s stance against sexual harassment at the work place as a serious criminal offense is commended.
It has become a common knowledge that one of the department head who did not pass a fit and proper person’s test but appointed corruptly through nepotism by his relative minister under the now defunct Ministerial Executive Appointment Committee (MEAC) has turned him into an alleged big time sex offender by allegedly using his position to demand sexual favours from several married women and singles alike.
It is understood complaints have been filed with the Police Sexual Violence Unit at Boroko but no arrests have been made yet.
As they say your sins will find you out.


Jiwaka MPs:
SOME humbugs are campaigning in Jiwaka asking the three open MPs to join the Governor in the Opposition. That like asking Angel Gabriel and his hosts to enter hades.
No can do. We have had enough to nothing. Governor just announced his 2022 exit.
The others better be warned.
Sekela (Leave it). Whagi tait ere (Whagi River is flooding).

Wahwah ,
2-Mile Bushranger

Pay delay:
CAN anybody in Finance come clear with an independent explanation on the ongoing issue of “pay delays” as experienced yesterday?
There are lot of effects associated to “pay delays” especially to those of us working in towns and cities, where money is the only medium of exchange for goods and services.
The Government is defending itself that all is well for the people while on the other hand, the Opposition is alleging the PNC-led Government of corruption.
Who is telling the truth now?
And with the pay delay now experienced on an ad hoc basis, what will be the solution to this issue?
We deserve to know the real reasons why and the way forward to addressing this issue once and for all.

Nukz Nuar