Letters in brief


Mekere saluted:
The opposition members should fill guilty for nominating Sir Mekere Morauta as their candidate for prime minister.
They totally betrayed him thus causing great embarrassment to him when they failed to vote him as a new prime minister. Why nominate him in the first place then? Now that everyone voted for James Marape to become prime minister, the question is how big is the opposition and how effective would it be? I salute you Sir Mekere for accepting the nomination for now but, you sure will be one prime minister in 2022.

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Role models :
The members of the opposition who stood by the very wise Sir Mekere Morauta in the house of Parliament should be proud of themselves because they have demonstrated to the people of Papua New Guinea that they are men of integrity. You are great role models for the young and upcoming leaders of this country. My advice to the young people is to look to this man and learn from them the wisdom that God has blessed them with.


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