Letters in brief


Public waiting:
The public is waiting eagerly on what the new police management team will do within this month to commence interviews with the first 1-5 of the 40 MPs who have alleged criminal related complaints against them.


Eyes on Marape:
All eyes are now on Prime Minister James Marape to make it as a first agenda of the new government and engage a neutral investigation team or the disbanded Task Force Sweep.
The people and few honest public servants and national politicians are placing high hope on the new government to set a precedent that those who dipped fingers into taxpayer’s hard-earned money, the DSIP and PSIP must be locked away at Bomana underground facility.
Leaders who wear sheep skin on the outside and having goat heart inside must not be free to roam in disguise as honorable people.
They must be put away to a place where they deserve to be and this will be as a good lesson for others to learn from.
If nothing happens to implicated leaders then this will be a big letdown for those who were having high hopes for the new government.

Dishonest Politicians

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