Letters in brief


Smelly business:
Several sections of the Papua New Guinea capital of Port Moresby have smelly sewage leaking out. We find this at almost every corner of the city.


Thanks, Tkatchenko:
I take this opportunity to thank the energetic and hard-working Minister for Lands Physical Planning and Apec Justin Tkatchenko for his effort in spear-heading the successful staging of the Apec meetings. Minister, although you had a lot of electoral and ministerial work to do, you still managed your time well to see an internationally recognised meeting get off the ground. Well done, JT.

Paul Minga, Port Moresby

School plea:
This is a letter to the Jiwaka Provincial Education Board (PEB) about Millep Lutheran High School. Millep was once a top school in the province and its products are now working in both public and private domains in PNG. However, in recent years, the administration and leadership have been weak. To solve these problems, the Jiwaka PEB should work with the Lutheran Church, as the agency, to appoint the principal and deputy principal internally rather than externally to give teachers who have been teaching at Millep for almost a decade a chance.

Max M Wapi, Pioneer 2006

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