Letters in brief


Best wishes:
TO Kelly Kuloi; I was pleased ( actually amazed) to read the article on your uncle, Ingok Kuloi whom I met in 1967 and again in 1972 when I lived at Kompiai while doing my graduate studies in Kuase subsistence agriculture. I remember very well my many pleasant interactions with Kuloi and his father as well. Both were very welcoming and helpful in making my stay at Kompiai possible. I hope that you can convey my best wishes and congratulations to your uncle for receiving the Logohu medal, and I wish him a long, well deserved retirement.

Professor Harley I. Manner

Pay issue:
THIS is regarding the teachers’ pay rise issue. The government has not done anything good. Most of the teachers are risking their life in serving in remote places. Let my piece of chalk educate thousand Papua New Guineans.

Papu Cruz
Silent Chalkdust, Erenge Wau

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