Letters in brief


Bad road:
THE Okapa road network in Okapa of Eastern Highlands is very bad.
Trucks travelling that route are faced with all kinds of problems just to travel to the township of Goroka and back.
Okapa is known for producing quality coffee in the province.
I’m wondering where the Member of Okapa is located.
Can’t the Member mandated by the people of Okapa do something to fix his road?

Frustrated Goroka Apo

Still waiting:
WE would like the Moresby South Tvet personell to take note that all school payment must be made before the end of semester two at the University of Goroka.
It is eight month of the year and still we are waiting.
The National reported that the cheque presentation was done at Caritas girl’s technical school.
And yet, the student at the university are still waiting.

Moresby South Students

Natural resources:
IT is time to take stock of what happened in the immediate past on MoA’s for natural resource development.
We the citizens of this country want to know the level of funding and the MoA signed that will assist the development of this country.
We have seen and experienced many development agreements but such agreements never materialised into development of PNG.
I understand the PM intends to review all the agreements of natural resource developments,
I for one whole hearted agree.

Goll Damud

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