Letters in brief


Start check:
CAN ICCC start checking the bus operators in the city? Stop pretending that you do not know the problems the travelling public is talking about. I refer to The National (Aug 7). Reporting with evidence is important. What should be done is to have ICCC officers work with police officers (in civilian) board any bus to see for themselves which buses are overcharging. Furthermore, it is your duty and responsibility to go out and serve the public; not to expect the public to come every day to your office to report to you.

Jim Boi
Rafkona, Gerehu

Appoint credible people:
ALLOW me space to bring to the attention of the Marape/Steven Government that many of us so called whistleblowers who exposed mal-administration and sexual harassment allegations against commerce secretary Andrew Liliura, which led to his three months suspension and also arrest, are still off the payroll for 23 months now. Even the acting secretary Joseph Vutliu appointed has failed to reinstate most of us through delay tactics with Public Service Commission. Taking back PNG starts with the appointment of credible people to hold public office.

Victims of Injustice

Development progress:
I CALL on Gumine MP and his DDA to come clear in the media to update and highlight the development progress in Gumine district. We want to know what the MP is doing in his electorate. The people of Gumine are in the dark for almost ten years and by this time they should know of what is taking place in the district in terms of service delivery.

Yuri Yal – KTU

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