Letters in brief


Govt handouts:
I AM happy that our government is providing basic services to everyone regardless of gender, race, disability and denomination. On that note, it is our government’s policy that all citizens, representatives (playing overseas or pacific games) and students must know and sing the national anthem and say the pledge. However, students from a denomination never sing the national anthem, recite the pledge and never salute as well yet enjoy the services from the government.
Even asked to do so, they always refuse. Even never cast vote during elections yet complain for government’s handouts.

Concerned Citizen

Please remove settlers:
CAN the authorities remove people who put tent and sleep opposite of Port Moresby General Hospital near the bus stop?
It has been noticed that these people live an unhygienic life.
Kids can be seen urinating, disposing of waste outside where they live and eat, eating in smelly environment with no proper sanitation. It is understood that these people are there for their sick ones, but they must not literally live there.
It’s an eye sore for people passing by when seeing them not having proper sanitation.
Can the hospital management do something and remove them?

Concern Citizen

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