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Police boss appointment: THE appointment of Francis Tokura as acting Police Commissioner effective July 15, 2019 is still in effect till Oct 14, 2019. As per appeared in The National yesterday, NEC has appointed David Manning and revoked the appointment of Tokura as acting commissioner in the view of the upcoming referendum in Bougainville. But why appoint Tokura in the first place knowing very well that referendum is around the corner? There is something sinister going on between Police Minister Bryan Kramer and interested parties. As stated by Tokura, Kramer kept pressing him to do arrest on certain individual and that is uncalled for. Kramer should not compromise his ministry portfolio for personal gain. Is this how Marape-Steven government wants to take back PNG? Stop making fool out of yourself. Do stock stake of rogue police officers and improve the image of police force around the country.

Concern Citizen

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