Letters in brief


Australian award:
I APPRECIATE the Australia Awards for providing two short course awards opportunities: – Certificate IV in entrepreneurship and new venture creation and Certificate IV in Agrobusiness as appeared in the media recently.
However, awards opportunities that are currently provided are only focusing on the business and agriculture areas.
What about awards opportunities for graduate certificate (Education) in science, technology engineering and mathematics (STEM)?
Make it fair and spread the balance across the area and don’t focus on one particular areas only.
The latter is also important component of developing human resources of this country by improving the skills and knowledge of the interested applicants.

Concern Citizen, POM

Fix road:
I Call again on the Moresby North West MP Sir Mekere Morauta and NCD Governor Powes Parkop to set aside funding for the resealing of the 3km Tarumana Avenue Road around Gerehu Stage 3 B2. It was first constructed in 1984 for the housing development and no maintenance has been done for almost 34 years after houses were constructed in 2008.

Concerned Road Use

Waiting for the truth:
TO the ELC-PNG faithful’s and Christians at large, no man can trick and hide from God. Never. Indagen deaths is a wakeup call for ELC-PNG authority to see and act to tell the truth in ELC-PNG saga pending. Christians are still waiting for the Truth that will liberate and deliver for their goodness. Leaders, you still deny the people, then it is coming. God’s hand will be upon the leaders as you deserve it, not the pilgrims.

GOD’S ARMY, Lae City

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