Letters in brief


No funds available:
CURRENTLY, Dunantina LLG in the electorate of Henganofi district in Eastern Highlands has no funds available to facilitate the rural development programmes in its eight LLG wards, as a result of corrupt leadership during the last seven years. Can the responsible authorities audit the books for Dunantina and furnish a report concerning funds missing. More on the issue, an investigation should be carried out with the former President for claims regarding fees collected for delivery service from Eastern highlands provincial disaster relief assistance to LLG ward 1 villagers which never eventuate till now.

M Subam, Wagave

Law and order issue:
LAW and order is on the rise in Madang and it’s time for the elites to work together and address it. Killing, violence, gangs, drunkards, robbery and stealing to name a few have destroyed lives of innocent people which is totally unethically and unacceptable. Our trips to town, market and church have been hampered by these dreadful issues as several of our colleges are victims which traumatized and boost lower our self-esteem. I am calling to our very own Madang MP and Minister for Police Bryan Kramer, the Madang Police, leaders and businessmen/women to seriously take these issues into consideration so better intervention is taken onboard to address the issue in a due time.

Freda Geseng, DWU Student

Respect decision:
THE police minister should respect the decision he put on Francis Tokura as the acting police commissioner. You should respect the old man. You know what we respect old man because blessing comes from them.

Concerned country men

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