Letters in brief


Loud noise:
THE daily Boroko market preaching has turned into a nightmare and is very irritating and annoying. Can the market’s management apply some control measures to ensure the preacher’s volume doesn’t disturb the neighbourhood? There are homes nearby and families need peace in the mornings. Why wake everyone up as early as 6am with out loud voice?


Provincial day celebration:
I SUGGEST for Rev Joseph Walters stick to your church activities and not to jump into politics. This is regarding his comments on the banning of provincial flags and cultural celebrations. I understand where you’re coming from about ethnicity but that was preposterous for you to make such comments. There’s a reason behind this provincial day celebration.
It is a fundraising drive arrangements done by UPNG students from each provinces. The funds raised is going back to the provinces to fund equipment for the provincial hospital. Some of the politicians are assisting there. Do not spoil the good work of hardworking students.

Concern Resident

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