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Probe minimum wages:
CAN the Ministry for Labour and Relations investigate all the security firms and some foreign-owned shops and verify the hourly rate paid to employees? I work with a security firm in Port Moresby and I am paid K2.50 per hour. This is far below the minimum wage board set in 2014. We are supposed to be K3.50 but yet this security company is paying me K2.50 while new guards are paid K2.30 and some K2.40. If this security firm is paying us with this rate, I am definitely sure that most of other security firms are also paying same amount or even less than what is paid. It is also believed that most of foreign operated shops are paying K2 per hour. These companies are not complying with the Labour Law. Please send your officers throughout PNG and arrest company owners or let these companies pay fines for not complying. This is a serious crime committed when an employer not abiding to the law.

Siki Mangi, POM

One thought on “Letters in brief

  • We must abide by the set laws of the government. You are right by saying this but it boils down to your boss (the owner of the security firm). If you are a security guard and you are paid that much. Is your boss compiled with or accept the hourly rate given by the firm. You as a guard, ask your boss if they agreed and sign the contract with the firm for the hourly rate. And if your boss is getting honest payment of the monthly bill/Invoices paid. Then, its your security boss that do variance on your salary rate. Always remember, a security firm accepts the contract signed and agreed. Security firms are money making business so over to your boss for the monthly invoices payments and your fortnightly salary.

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