Letters in brief


Shut down mine:
THE Ramu Nickle Mine operations has to shut down under no uncertain terms as more devastating facts are (allegedly) exposed on contamination of entire marine life and ecosystem along the entire Basamuk Bay. There has to be a class action taken against the company and State agents for allowing unproven deep sea tailings system to be permitted carelessly in the first place. There should be an on land tailings dam done to store contaminants and shipped back to China for any decontamination process to occur.

Concerned Citizen

Securities play vital role:
SECURITY guards are playing vital roles in towns, cities and even in rural areas. They are doing a fine job protecting organisations, properties and as well as people’s life too. Most of the job are done by security guards than the police officers, which means all matters and crimes are tackled by security officers and then handed over to the police for appropriate actions.
However, the security officers’ wages are low. Therefore, I am appealing to responsible authorities to increase their wage rate. That could help to boost interest in their job so they can continue to provide safe and secured services.

@Pom 2019

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