Letters in brief


Teachers not teaching
I AM calling on those responsible to check Gerehu Secondary School and find out why students are not taught some very important subjects by the teachers. Children from all grades are complaining about this. Get students’ views and find out what is happening with the school.

Concerned Parent

Jealousy destroying us
JEALOUSY is destroying many lives. It stops us from achieving many things. Many dreams are shattered because of jealousy. When we see someone having something we don’t have, we envy him/her and find ways to destroy what they have. This should stop. We need to change how we think.

Senisim Pasin

Be considerate
THIS is just a reminder to the public to be considerate when talking about the people of Bougainville and their move for independence. They’ve endured a lot to get to where they are now. Let’s be considerate.


Provide update on roads
WHAT is happening to the upgrade of Madang town roads? We haven’t heard anything since the last the time the court ordered the Madang administration officials to explain for the poor road conditions.


Put words into action
SOME of us need to stop talking and do more. We spend too much time talking that we don’t have time to actually do things.

Talk Less