Letters in brief


Decommission Paita
PRIME Minister James Marape should decommission Finschhafen MP Rainbo Paita from office after his video with police issued firearm went viral on social media. The MP’s actions have brought shame and disrespect to the people of the district. We thank Opposition Leader Belden Namah for laying a complaint for police investigation.

Tokana Hasavi (Snr) and Bami Soreckena,
Senior citizens of the district

What’s our foreign policy?
I WONDER what Papua New Guinea’s foreign policy is today. I have heard of “Look North” and “Friends to all and enemies to none” but I do not know what foreign policy the country is employing at the moment?


Peace is key
I WISH all citizens of this country come to realise that we need peace more than anything in the world. Our lives will be simple and productive if we value peace over everything else.

Believer of Peace