Letters in brief


Come Home Benny Allen:
Agriculture Minister and Unggai-Bena MP Benny Allan should start delivering services to his electorate. People voted you for the fourth term to continue to serve them as their representative. Why have you forgotten those blistered fingers, who together voted you to give you this mandate power to provide better road services. How about a visit from Lahame to Megabo road? Please come home and fix the roads as the New Year begins.

Bena Top Up

Nepotism high:
The education system in Chimbu from primary to secondary is for Chimbus only. Children from other provinces, even if the child is intelligent, will not make it to the colleges or universities. Nepotism/wantok system is at the highest peak in the province. This is a shame.

Public Servant
Worried Nambis Man
26 years in Chimbu

Left in darkness:
People of Unggai-Bena have been in the dark for 15 years in terms of Government services. This term will definitely add to two decades of total darkness. MP please put away your political deference and do something to improve your district. You have been sleeping for a decade and half and your people were crying bitterly for services.

Sori man

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