Letters in brief


Digicel cheated:
I wish to express my dissatisfaction concerning the Digicel treat of 60 SMS for K1.20. I only use 27 of it to be informed that I have used all. This is daylight robbery. No wonder their name starts with letter D for Devil, father of lies. Please let us use services according to the cost, because believers and unbelievers are using this service for good and bad. Somebody might get hurt for hindering the good.


Come home Raminai:
As we moved into the new chapter, I call on Kagua-Erave MP Wesley Raminai to spend more time in your electorate because your people are suffering. Your electorate has a huge number of people. The road has opened up from Wara Yalo to Kagua station. I urge you to connect feeder roads to give access to people to sell their produce at markets. Overhaul your district administration so that with effective administration, your five-year plan will effectively be implemented. For 2019 budget, subsidise school fees for Kagua Erave students in colleges and universities as you promised last year but did not fulfill. MP, challenges, criticisms and comments are good for you to become a better leader. To conclude, can you do away with recycled leaders who have been eating using their con techniques? I want you to concentrate on your least-developed electorate.

Wambu Logo Palasig

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