Letters in brief


Understanding landowners:
For far too long the good nature, benevolence and understanding of the Alekano people of Eastern Highlands have been trodden on by all and sundry. The land owners of Goroka water supply, chairman Hans Fima and Goroka MP Henry Ame ought to be congratulated for fighting for the rights of the silent folk. Water is a necessity of life and it is heartening that common sense is prevailing. I hope and pray that the same can be extended to the victims of environmental pollution, land damage/loss, loss of business and sacred site desecration caused by raw Goroka sewerage effluent that is discharged onto customary land.

Dr AH Harakuwe (PhD)
RACI Chartered Chemist 15950
Goroka Sewerage Pollution
Redress Advocate

Come clean Newcrest:
After 21 years of mining gold on Lihir Island, Lihir Gold mine stands proud to point out they have paid K719mil as royalties to landowners. The question goes begging is how much was made by Newcrest in total gross, and how much profit and dividends was paid to shareholders in the 21 years since 1997. What portion in percentage would this be? They have been doing major infrastructure investments and have been on tax-holiday for some time. It looks interesting. How much has gone out of the shores of Papua New Guinea? It would be worth knowing how the landowners have spent the K719mil as compared to other landowners in other mining and LNG project areas in PNG. Just thinking.


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