Letters in brief


Kramer questions all: IT will be better if we at least have 10 others MPs like Madang MP Bryan Kramer. He questions everything that needs to be opposed. What must be opposed must be opposed. What must be questioned must be questioned. That is what every MP should be doing.

Black Face

Subsidise tertiary fees: IT has been so good for the Government to subsidise school fees for elementary up to secondary school education, for which I am happy. When we look closely at how the society of our communities are run, they are struggling with their tertiary students’ fee more than their secondary school kids. The Government should heavily subsidise the tertiary fees. Leave aside the elementary to secondary education to their parents to pay fees.

Elizah Tep
Mt Hagen

Police force weak: POLICE Commissioner Gari Baki’s suggestion to have Chimbu regional seat recount held in Kundiawa rather than Lae as ordered by the High Courts is revealing to public the weakness of his police force. Indirectly he is saying his men are weak and incapable of carrying out their duties where risks involved. He wants recount to be held in Kundiawa Town but where was he and his men when there were destructions and burning down of houses in Kundiawa after the National Court’s Decision on Nov 2, 2018? To have recount in Lae is a neutral venue.

Yalwaii Yalkuna, Simbu man