Letters in brief


Right move:
I CONGRATULATE Minister for Higher Education Research Science and technology Pila Niningi for taking a bold stand to change the University of PNG. This should also be done to other universities. Education Minister Nick Kuman must do that to high school principals who misuse tuition fee free (TFF) funds. Every province must have an auditing firm set up to control misuse of TFF.

Mr Pake
Former high school principal

Why pay?

IT is funny for professional officers struggling to pay K2 to earn their own pay slips under the nose of the Morobe education authorities. Who will answer this query? We are into a new year and hope it does not happen this year also. If it continues, then all our bosses are fast asleep.

Wenjim chalkstone

Take ownership:
AS A concerned Madang resident, I welcome the decision of Prime Minister O’Neill in Parliament last week to transfer the controversial Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) project to Madang provincial government and its administration to implement. This followed a series of question raised by Governor Peter Yama. We have observed many self-serving ministers, under various governments, who have grossly mishandled the PMIZ project at the expense of landowners and people of Madang.It is now time that we, the people of Madang, put all differences aside and support the provincial government to take full ownership of the project.

Concerned Resident