Letters in brief


Please be fair:
I make an observation on what seems to be an unfair action by Government to terminate non-performing departmental heads. This was as announced by Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore last year during the termination of Labour Secretary, Mary Morala. It is about time the prime minister, through the public service, comes down hard on those known ministers and their cronies to save the image and reputation of the current Government.


Not satisfied:
I write with dismay and anger at Tisa Savings and Loan for the delay in the refund of our savings component as a former of Police Savings. The grace period expired on Jan 14. We have children attending university and need this money to pay in order to register. Please Tisa, put out paid advertisement in the two dailies so we can be informed of the delay and status of TISA about the refunds.
Over to you Tisa.

Concerned ex Polsav member

UPNG issue:
It is over a week since enquiring students and parents were told by the Waigani campus that they couldn’t access /issue their ‘pro forma invoice’ due to the accounting system being down.
This is absolutely ludicrous for the so-called ‘premier university’ in the country. With only days to go before the start of the academic year, the Waigani campus has very badly failed students/parents in not giving them adequate time to arrange payment of necessary fees and lodging, especially where bank loans are required. Can the new interim council please immediately issue a statement to fully clarify the amounts of fees and accommodation payable in 2019 and individually advise/issue a pro forma invoice for each continuing student?

Frustrated Parent, NCD