Letters in brief


Good habit:
WE do not know what the New Year holds for us and what the future has? We should thank God for bringing us this far without any disturbances since independence. Thank our two bodies of organisation – Government and non-government organisations – for provision of goods and services.
The Government, however, cannot play some roles which their hands cannot reach. This is when our NGOs are always there to support the general public body. The progress that we see are the results of our daily hand-to-hand support.
We must not give up the tradition of our good habit and organisation.

Mam Peetz
9-Mile, Lae

Install Eftpos:
I AM a Bank South Pacific customer and I have seen these long queue of people for paying school fees in the past weeks. Can the bank management make arrangement with schools or institution who have accounts with BSP and install Eftpos machines at schools so those paying school fees can go straight there and pay?

Concerned customer

Transfer special zone:
WHEN will Prime Minister Peter O’Neill transfer the so-called Sepik special economic zone project to the East Sepik provincial government to manage its implementation?
This should be like the recent Pacific marine industrial zone project in Madang.

PNG is watching

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