Letters in brief


Numu praised:
The recent move by Governor Peter Numu in Parliament is an eye-opener for the other district MPs in Eastern Highlands. I appeal to other eight district MPs to think like Numu and serve this country. The MPs are limiting themselves to secure DSIP funds from the government. If the government is playing the “you remain with me and you will get your DSIP funds” tactic, MPs are mandated to be proactive and should be smarter. It’s time that the MPs on the government side must wake up, think and take action in a broader sense to fix the economic disaster that has emerged. Thumbs up Numu, decisive actions can only protect this country from falling apart.

Mutoiso Yaunama

Bad road:
I WISH to highlight the poor condition road in Gabutu – Kairus Road. Citizens pay a number of taxes to ensure the smooth running of the government. Government should provide basic facilities like good, clean roads and a safe environment for the citizens. This bad road causes a lot of inconvenience to the people and the repair work done is shoddy. I can’t understand why the authorities do not get the contractor to do a better job.

Emmanuel Harold

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