Letters in brief


Too many blackouts:
I want to know to know why PNG Power Ltd is cutting power so often in our area between Erima and 9-Mile in Port Moresby. It’s absurd and downright pathetic service from an entity headed by an expatriate. When a local headed the entity, there wasn’t not even a fraction of the blackouts we have been experiencing for a few months. Why do trees keep falling on the power lines Ms Blacklock?Last Saturday night, one tree fell every minute (almost). I did count at one stage and it totalled 13 in a period of about 30 minutes. Too many. Both the NCD Governor Powes Parkop and ministers for Forest and Climate Change should take note – bad for our environment.

Mingus Chala
Port Moresby

Thank you:
Thank you, National Gaming Board. I had a medical condition that could not be treated locally. It was available only abroad. The cost was enormous.
I wrote to the National Gaming Board for assistance. Without delay, half of my cost was met. You are there when the community needs you. Thank you to the board, CEO and staff

Port Moresby

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