Letters in brief


Thank you, Tomuriesa:
Allow me to express my gratitude to Kiriwina-Goodenough MP Douglas Tomuriesa for always promoting morality in kindness.
The MP responded positively to many school fees-related requests by tertiary students from Kiriwina-Goodenough and elsewhere in the country. One such student is my son who experienced financial difficulty at Unitech (Lae) . Thanks to the MP and his proactive leadership style, my son’s education is now all in order. We sincerely appreciate this help very much.
It is a relief and very comforting these days that such help is available.

Kamatoki and Siule (parents)
Port Moresby

Charging fees:
So much for the education policy free education.
Aiyura National High School charged some students K3000 last year and this year it is K1700.
Is that right?

Too Much

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