Letters in brief


Bus services:
The bus services in major towns and cities are owned by private individuals. It does not make sense to me as a commuter to call this bus a public motor vehicle or PMV because our Government does not own those buses. Clean, reliable and roadworthy transport services will become a reality for the travelling public to enjoy if this sector is controlled and run by our Government. This will also reflect the true meaning of public motor vehicle (PMV).

Confused Commuter, Lae

Thank you, PNGDF :
I, on behalf of the immediate family, clan and tribesmen of the Kewabi people of Ialibu and Kagua districts of Southern Highlands, sincerely thank the PNG Defence Force personnel of Taurama Barracks for their kind hospitality and support in respect to their commanding-officer Lt Colonel Boniface Aruma during the haus krai of his sister, the late Esther Aruma. With your generous support, we were able to repatriate the body to Ialibu for burial. I also thank Fr Ben and his Catholic congregation of Taurama Chapel, Hohola Sacred Heart Catholic choir group and others.

Steven Supi Palisa

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