Letters in brief


Unknown future:
Children today are tomorrow’s lawyers, athletes, entrepreneurs, teachers, police officers, firefighters, business executives and leaders. If we do not help today’s youths financially and guide them with good values, morals, leadership, role modelling and other positive support then our future is doomed. Today’s youths are burdened by substance abuse, gang threat and affiliation, unemployment, poverty, peer pressure, unsafe environments and broken homes. If no one can a find a way to resolve this growing issue of violence and crime then our young people will not grow into productive adults.

Kalikala Kelly Niupoga, Alotau

Rubbish collection:
The collection of rubbish in the past three months at the Port Moresby suburb of Manu has been very poor. Rubbish should be collected twice a week but that is not happening. When the garbage truck does turn up on rare occasions, it stops only at one or two street addresses and expects everyone else to take their garbage there. NCD should ensure that these guys do what they are paid to do, otherwise give the contract to someone else. Household garbage disposal is a highly essential service that requires timely and regular attention to stop diseases from spreading.

Manu resident, NCD

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