Letters in brief


Free buses: It will be better for the government to donate the Apec buses it got free from China to universities and colleges around the country. The city has enough transportation and has benefitted much from Apec infrastructure development.

Concerned citizen
Zoning rights: If a zone in a city has been designated residential, then that zone must consist of residences where people live in homes. Likewise, if it has been designated for a school, then that zone is only for a school. I am trying to bring to the attention of the authorities the number of guest houses, lodges, inns, hotels and motels that are mushrooming in areas that I believe that are zoned residential. Have these guest houses been approved by the authorities?

Annoyed Resident, Port Moresby
Unjustified promotion: Unrealistic and unjustified promotion in the military top brass has become the hallmark of the People’s National Congress party government. The PNC-led government has once again made Papua New Guinea the laughing stock of the world by promoting Gilbert Toropo to the rank of major general when the size of the Defence Force does not justify such a rank. First develop the military into a 10,000-strong force before thinking of making the commander a major general.
Concerned PNGn

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