Letters in brief


Bad drivers:
Some drivers in Port Moresby do not follow the traffic rules, such as stopping when approaching a pedestrian crossing, therefore putting pedestrians in danger. It is important that drivers follow the road code for that is one way of avoiding road accidents. In as far as pedestrians crossings are concerned, it is important that drivers behave responsibly to allow people to cross the road safely and without fear.

Joe A, Port Moresby

Expatriate workers:
The government needs to seriously consider providing more jobs for locals instead of allowing expatriates to fill positions that can be filled by nationals. Currently, in many companies, the bosses are mostly expatriates and the nationals get the junior positions even if they have graduated from reputable universities with good working experiences. This means that firms do not trust locals. The Government should bring in a law that protects local workers and encourages companies to give them fair opportunities. Expatriate bosses look after their own. While business firms employ expatriates, we see locals holding responsible senior positions in the public service, so what’s the difference?

[email protected] City

Rising unemployment:
Too many university graduates are unable to find employment because of nepotism. Young people spend a lot of money to go to university and then study hard to get good passes and graduate with either degrees or diplomas and then only to end up in the unemployment queue. Soaring unemployment and the rise in nepotism are keeping good graduates from finding work.
The Government should do something. It should bring policies that can open doors for graduates.

Konda Alda Kange, POM