Letters in brief


The art of giving:
The golden rule is that you do to others what you want them to do to you. It means to be kind, merciful and compassionate. Canadian-American author and motivational speaker Brain Tracysaid, “Don’t expect the stove to give you heat when you don’t feed wood into it.” Therefore if you have a relationship problem, start to give your time and other important resources to your spouse. If you have financial problems, start to share your money with others. And if you are a failed politician, give your time and resources to your people. You cannot receive what you do not give out.

Pawa Kenny Ambiasi, Pom

Bail plea:
I am a public servant in Bulolo and I know that our Government barks a lot about the services that need to be provided our people. Public servants cannot effectively do that because there is no money and therefore no water, no stationery, no fuel, etc. It is the dry season in Bulolo and the newly built toilets at the Bulolo police station and prison cells are blocked. Police officers have been told not to arrest or detain offenders. Please, prime minister, this is a real problem. Bail us out.

Public Servant, Bulolo

Animal lover:
Being an animal lover, having cared for nine dogs and wanting to adopt more, I am asking the RSPCA to open a pound in Lae to cater for those frequenting Lae from Madang, Highlands and the hinterlands of Wau, Bulolo, Menyama. It might cost money to kick start a pound but it will help all those neglected animals on the streets of Lae find an adorable companion at a nice family home. I, for one, would love to take in more dogs, having looked after Hachiko, Garfield, Odie, Ramu, Tiger, Boss.

Bob, Ramu Valley