Letters in brief


Naming rights:
Many people criticised the naming of MV Ialibu, a new ship bought by the national Government at a cost of K10 million for Lutheran Shipping. I am proud of the new vessel being given that name. Critics should be aware that if it is wasn’t for Peter O’Neill’s timely intervention, Lutheran Shipping would be finished by now. Ialibu represents a name and final destination in the hinterlands of Papua New Guinea, which the Christian Gospel reached through the work of Lutheran missionaries and the church pastors. Let’s stop politicising the naming of MV Ialibu. Leave politics to the politicians.

BP – Hunters Tok Stret

Expat workers:
I wish to add to what [email protected] city wrote on expatriate workers (Feb 26). It is true that many companies employ expatriate workers to fill positions that can be filled by nationals and it is also very true that expatriate bosses look after their own. The Employment Act 1978 needs to be updated. Laws should be put in place to protect local workers and encourage companies to be fair with opportunities and remunerations, after all this is my country.

Berry Allen