Letters in brief


Training call:
When will the names of the people accepted for the Independence Fellowship Scheme (IFS) be published. The scheme is provided under the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations. It is a development assistance programme established in 1978 to provide technical, skills-based and project management training to rural-based Papua New Guineans.Since its inception, the IFS has given over 2100 people the opportunity to receive skills training and structural and technical support to start and improve rural projects.

Willie, via email

Apec allowance:
Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel announced that the government has paid the first part of the outstanding Apec allowances to those who served in the Apec task force. Abel, the Police Association and Secretary Dairi Vele should explain how much is being paid, when and how. Tell us if these are allowances only, or also pay increments, insurance and service entitlements. Some police officers are still waiting for the first part of their Apec allowance. Which members of the disciplined forces are being paid?

Concerned member

Give me hope:
Second-chance students are the true future leaders of this country. Why are schools in NCD and other parts of the country ignoring them? The Government and the Education Department have to consider these students too and provide schools and opportunities to help them accomplish their goals. Remember that one group alone can’t make, develop or create a new legacy. It takes two or more groups, through unity, to build a great nation.