Letters in brief


Free choice:
Freedom is the power given by God that allows us to act or not to act, to do this or to do that, and be able to perform deliberate actions as we see fit. The more we do what is good, the freer we become. Freedom is also the ability to choose between good and evil. Each one of us has the right to exercise freedom and that freedom belongs to everyone because it is inseparable from our dignity as a human being.

Noel. R. Baraka, Lae

A school parents’ and citizens’ meeting at the weekend was told that the government still owes the school a total of K1.2 million from 2017, the result of annual shortfalls of K400,000 a year for three years. The meeting was told that often the school did not receive the money in cash but would instead be given school materials supplied by a contractor, and because no consultations were made, the materials were usually not suitable for the school’s needs and therefore useless. Parents and citizens throughout the country should demand that all the money should be given to the school so that the school management can decide for itself what materials or work needed to be done.

Worried parent, Pom

Hidden costs:
Can Digicel explain why more than K2.40 is required to send a lousy K1 credit to another phone? Taking away the 50 toea charge for the service, there should still be a balance of K1.90 left, but then you get the message from Digicel saying there is not enough funds to complete the transfer. Is this a strategy to retain small balances to syphon off on its adverts and unwelcomed text messages? You simply are not the cheapest when all these hidden and annoying charges are added.

Frustrated customer, NCD

Missing money:
Allow me space to call for an audit of the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone funds. Anyone found to have misused the money should be arrested for misappropriation and official corruption.

Concerned observer

UPNG saga:
Some people say the Minister for Higher Education does not have the powers to interfere with the running of the University of PNG. The facts, as they stand, are: The appointments are to for 12 months only; if you are looking for academia, then Professor Kenneth Sumbuk fits that category; and it’s time the university comes under the radar. Minister Niningi, you are on the right track. Press forward.

UPNG graduate of 1985

Crime city:
Can the Mt Hagen MP look into law and order situation in the city and do something about it? I am ashamed of what is written in the media about crime in Mt Hagen. Stop the finger-pointing and do something. The CEO of the town urbanisation authority does not see this as an important issue. It’s going to get worse.

R- Squad, Pom City

Road worry:
The national Government has already spent K30 million on the Gumine-Karimui Road but it has not even reached the Tua River. The road has reached the first village of Talbalkul and still 11 kilometres away from the Tua River, before reaching the rest of Karimui. The national Government’s allocation for Gumine-Karimui Road should not be diverted to other projects because to do so is a violation of a National Executive Council decision. In 2014, K5 million was diverted and there is a danger of seeing another K10 million diverted to an ungazetted road project in Karimui Salt Nomane district.

Karian Ama