Letters in brief


Expensive canteen:
The University of Papua New Guinea canteen is charging students almost double for goods sold there. It’s daylight robbery. They
should charge reasonable prices because students don’t have the kind of money needed to meet the kind of prices the canteen
charges. Most students live off campus and the canteen is the only place where they can buy lunch. The university is not a commercial centre so any profit the canteen targets should be at a level that does not overly burden the students.

Waman Ferguson Jay Tokau

Tuition fees:
Students of Middle Ramu district at colleges and universities in the country are still waiting for their MP to help them with their tuition fees. Only a few students have received help with tuition fees in the past two years. Can Middle Ramu MP Jonny Alonk tell the people of Middle Ramu, especially those living in Josephstall, Arabaka Simbai and Kovon, what is going on? By all means, worry about services and developmental projects,
but do not neglect the students who will fill your shoes in the future.

Concerned student

University dilemma: The University of PNG, the first and oldest university in the country, is making history again. The registrar served for a month and got sacked, over a very small issue.
The outgoing registrar, Dr Peter Petsul, served the university for more than 30 years as an
academic, and was recently appointed through a lengthy process by the university council, which has since been replaced by the minister. The minister’s appointment of the interim council and the suspension and then dismissal of the registrar is unthinkable, unimaginable, unacceptable,
and raises many questions. Political interference has put the credibility of each member of the academic staff and the university itself at stake.

Disturbed stakeholder

Job commitment: It is not a mistake that you find yourself performing a particular task and earning an honest living from it. Remember that regardless of what you do, you are responsible for it and it is your duty to perform in that role to the best of your ability. If you fail to do your job well, then only you can be blamed. No one else.

Concerned observer

God’s blessings:
Southern Highlanders should not be so boastful of their natural resources and people in national leadership. The Bible says that the honour, glory and power belong to God alone, and therefore
if we should boast about anything at all, it should only be of God.
As we put ourselves down, we raise God’s image. Just because we in Southern Highlands have all the resources does not mean that we have all the power. Again, power, glory and honour belong to God alone. Our resources, leadership and everything else we have are part of God’s blessings. God allows situations to enter the lives of individuals, families and communities he loves.

Pawa Kenny Ambiasi, Pom