Letters in brief


Road worry:
The road from Tabubil to Telefomin is progressing well. Our MP Solan Mirisim has done well by negotiating with Ok Tedi Mining Limited to push this project forward. One thing that is of concern is how this road will bring Hela into the loop. We in Telefomin and North Fly districts do not need outsiders to come and destroy our harmony and peace-loving community. The road must stop at Oksapmin. Full stop.


Right focus:
There is no point in crying over spilt milk. Therefore students, if you are in school and not doing well, remember that the moment you start thinking of your mistakes and failures, you waste that moment, time which can be spent doing something else to make a difference. Failing once does not mean that you will fail always. You can still come back bigger and stronger. If parents focus on their children’s failure and not on their successes then the children will grow up believing they are useless. We all have different abilities and talents, so parents don’t force a child to take a course that he or she is not good at.
Wetty Paul suu, Left over student

Rural help:
The Rural Services Delivery Project is a new concept run by the Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs for projects in remote rural areas where Government services are difficult to deliver. The World Bank and Australia are helping fund this project and it is running as a pilot in five provinces. It is a community-driven development programme with the purpose of giving the communities ownership of the project which they themselves can implement and maintain. I thank the Government, World Bank and Australia for it.
Chris Pati, TF Suai