Letters in brief


Captain’s English:
The appointment of Adex Wera as captain of the PNG Hunters is good news given his long service to the team. However, he cannot speak good English. The coach made a mistake. Just because he is a pioneer Hunters player does not automatically qualify him for the captaincy. With his poor English language skills, how will he present himself before the media when being interviewed or when required to make a statement? The coach should have given the captaincy to Stanton Albert or Enock Maki, who are both fluent in English.

Nick Tyson – Hunters Fun, POM

Funding queried:
The good governor of Madang should investigate the use of the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ) funds, especially in the past 18 months when there was no activity on site because of issues with the US$74 million (K235.44mil) Exim Bank loan. The investigation should especially look into money spent on travels and the purchase of motor vehicles for use in Port Moresby. It took more than two years to apply for a new loan of US$156 million (K496.34mil) and it will be interesting to know if the accounts match up. The prime minister is aware of the rot.

Observer via email

University credibility:
The credibility of a degree or diploma acquired at a particular university also depends on the person who signature appears on the paperwork. Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari (The National, March 7, Page 3) when addressing aggrieved staff at the University of PNG Drill Hall said, “I can tell you that a degree is only as good as the signature on it.” Parents and students should be concerned with the kind of people appointed to the position of chancellor at the university. UPNG’s credibility should be protected by ensuring the right people are appointed to the right jobs.

Jason, UPNG

Hope for fishing:
Last week’s report in The National about Rigo MP Lekwa Gure talking about the proposed Rigo Fisheries Office at Kwikila is good news to our inland fish farmers and Rigo Coast fishermen. In 2016 and 2017, 30 people attended a course in Rigo on deep sea and tuna long line fishing. Other specialised workshops were held on trap net fishing, fisheries business and the management of co-operatives. The first Pacific Sea Food show at the Sir John Guise Stadium, In Port Moresby, in November 2017 was an eye-opener, with Hula Fisheries displaying products. While this latest news from the MP is heartening, the Government needs to see that proper follow-ups are held to ensure the success of any training courses held.

Kila Ruga