Letters in brief


Walking dead:
Children often ask about the spirits of dead people coming out of the grave to roam the streets. They usually ask with fear in their eyes. It is important that children are taught the truth about the dead. Neither parents nor others should mislead them or make them afraid.

Simeon James

Swamp update:
We, the Waigani-Gerehu Swamp local communities, want to be updated on the presence of the polio virus in the sewage pond. Representatives of WHO advised us not to fish, eat watercress, swim or be involved in any activity in the swamp. That was nearly six weeks ago but the officials from NCDC, Eda Ranu and police, who stopped us, have not returned to give us an update. Is the virus is still there? This order is affecting our source of income.

Jerry K Beacky
Swamp Community Committee

School concerns:
The children of Kaugere Primary School have not been getting the education they deserve. They did well at the beginning of the school year, but things changed in term two when teachers started arriving late and leaving early. The school administration failed to deal with this issue of poor attendance. As parents, we want like answers. We want the Education Department to send its school inspectors to check. The school has very good learning facilities.

Tom Minape

Standing still:
Ganim High School in Enga, which is located at the boarder of Wabag and Wapenamanda district, has not changed since it was established in 2015. TFF funds and project fees have been mismanaged and the teachers are not living in the school area. The school has not developed new teachers’ quarters, students’ dormitories, labs, classrooms and has very little stationery.

Frustrated Dep Lalakini lmma

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