Letters in brief


Fair deal:
Gender inequality. Bus only for females. Scholarship only for female students. I am no expert in gender studies and what not, but how is that equal? Clearly these policies are gender-biased. I do not hold anything against my sisters and mothers but do not claim gender equality if you are doing the opposite. Gender equality means both genders, male and female, getting equal treatment. It does not mean creating a playing field tilted towards one group. Do not be a hypocrite. Either say what you are doing or do what you are saying.

Janos Slynt

True accent:
I do not understand why Papua New Guinean journalists on TV and radio are being criticised for not sounding like Australian, American or English journalists. We have over 800 languages, so it is safe to assume that all of us are multilingual. You cannot possibly expect journalists who speak Tok Pisin and Motu every day to speak English with an English accent. That’s not a reasonable to ask. Take Al Jazeera for example. It is based in Qatar and their Arabian journalists have Arabic accents, and I have yet to hear a complaint from the Qatari population about how they sound on television. We are Papua New Guineans. Be proud of it. Don’t try to be something you are not.

Jaqen H’ghar