Letters in brief


Expat workers:
Regarding all Papua New Guineans crying foul over expats taking up jobs in some of the major corporate entities in the country, the answer is simple – until and unless you are able to start and build your own company, I suggest you keep your mouth shut, work hard at whatever position you’re currently employed in and be content to watch your Nasfund savings grow. Some of these companies are owned by foreign interests and it’s their business to employ whoever they deem fit. As long as they pay taxes and pay the workers their Nasfund entitlements, we should not complain.

Amused in Lae

Helping hand:
This letter is written on behalf of all Papua New Guinea citizens – students, workers and grassroots – who receive assistance from the office of Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd (KPHL) in the form of scholarships, aid, donations, on-the-job training, job opportunities and others. I thank KPHL managing director Wapu Sonk and his office for creating opportunities and putting smiles on the faces of PNG citizens.

Paul Minga, Voice for PNG

League icon:
Timothy Lepa, who died this week, was a true rugby league ambassador from grassroots level to the Ipatas Coca-Cola Cup. What a tragic loss and an untimely departure. Very sad indeed. The family at SP POMRFL acknowledges his contribution to the development of rugby reague development in Papua New Guinea which spanned more than two decades.

Dr. James Naipao
SP POMRFL chairman

Jimi woes:
For people who have been to Jimi and seen the work that is being done, or have been done, on its roads will agree that it can be done better. We need an overseas company to do the job so that our roads can last. I don’t think local contractors have the skills and equipment required in such a remote and rugged location. This is an open letter and SOS call to developed countries of the world to have pity on Jimi and engage a world-renowned contractor to build our roads. To all the foreign missions in Port Moresby, please consider the plight of Jimi roads and put a smile on people’s faces.

Paul Minga, Voice for Jimi

Tkatchenko praised:
When the need arises for a group, community, school or a settlement in Port Moresby South, the MP is quick to attend to it. Moresby South MP and Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko is an understanding leader who puts people’s interest first. Politicians should serve and hear the cries of the people, regardless of their status. Moresby South MP your quick intervention towards your voters of their needs and wants is highly commendable. Your good work will be remembered for generations.

Paul Minga, Tkatchenko sapota

Thank you Goi:
Good roads and bridges are important structures that help ease the movement of people and the flow of goods and services. As a PMV operator and son of Jimi, I take this opportunity to thank our local MP and Works Vice-Minister Wake Goi for his quick reaction to repair or replace bridges and culverts that had either been damaged or washed away by floods and strong currents.

John Palaye, Middle Jimi