Jealous hearts: We have some jealous students who beat boys who talk, share or hang out with their female schoolmates. Just wondering what they are trying to prove. I’ve seen this at one school in Morobe. We parents did not send you to school to fight. We send our sons to school to learn and be friends with everyone. It is sad that boys fight each other because of jealousy. Not good.

Concerned parent
Labour pains: Some officers in the Department of Labour are defying government instructions and having tinted glass on their vehicles. The policy is that all government vehicles will have clear glasses. Is the Labour Secretary aware of what’s happening in his department? He should take disciplinary actions against those officers.

NID dilemma: The NID office in Goroka is charging K10 for each application lodged but the services it provides are appalling. The officers like to keep the door shut even when long queues are forming outside. The preferential treatment of friends and relatives is common. I lodged my application in August and when nothing happened I made enquiries and was told that applications lodged between August and December last year have not yet been approved. The NID card is a mandatory requirement for those applying for Australian awards or New Zealand scholarships and those applications are closing soon. Three weeks ago an officer asked for a K10 special clearance fee which I paid, but I’m still waiting.

Concerned citizen

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