Letters in brief


Replace Mone:
Hunters coach Michael Marum should not be complacent about the players. He should replace William Mone. The longer the coach keeps him, the slimmer the chances of the Hunters making it to the Q-Cup top eight. It’s now or never. Don’t be complacent.

Hunters Fan, Nick Tyson – POM

Frustrated customer:
I had K3 in my balance but unfortunately 30t was taken by Digicel. After two hours another 10t disappeared. I am frustrated because this is not the first time this has happened to me.

Frustrated Digicel User, Madang

Dumb decision:
About 10,000 commercial and residential properties in Port Moresby need new fencing to comply with NCDC’s new rules. At a cost of about K50,000 each, has NCDC ever thought about how much their rule is going to cost people in the community? The decision is dumb. Some people like their privacy. What on earth is wrong with sheet metal fences?

Peter Johnson

Natural disasters:
We are being hit by too many natural disasters caused by rising of sea level and king tides. We, the people of rural Hamuhamu in Gulf, want to relocate to Omafu Takere, Lavai and Suaipi. This is an appeal to elites from Hamuhamu who are out and about in Papua New Guinea or overseas to help us move.

Cr Feu’u Vitaharo, Hamuhamu village

Corrupt deals:
I challenge those in authority to deal with the systematic corruption and theft of taxpayers’ money by officials in our public sector. Too many deals are being made. Even some private sector organisations that supply goods and services are providing kickbacks to win tenders. We need proper auditing of public services and funds to cut back on corruption.

Observer via email