Letters in brief


Coke deal:
This is an open letter to Coca-Cola to bring back the original Zero Coke (short) in place of the current tall Zero Coke. I am a frequent Zero Coke customer and I can say with confidence that the original Zero Coke is better than the current product.

Zero Coke customer

Road issues:
The newly built road from Kanudi to Hanuabada has a massive issue that the Works Department and civil engineers in Port Moresby need to address immediately. Because of fallen rocks and dirt from heavy rain, traffic stops at the foot of the hill as vehicles need to take a detour up the hill to the Hanuabada-Badihagwa roundabout. Traffic moves very slowly here and therefore exposed to any possible landslide or rockfall. The support braces holstering the gas or fuel pipes that run atop the hill are in danger of coming loose and pose a much bigger problem. Immediate action needs to be taken by the authorities.

Route number 3, Tommy

Chimbu aid:
I commend Chuave MP Wera Mori for providing K7O,OOO in counter-funding to the Rural Services Delivery Project [RSDP] programme under the Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs. The support that Mori has given will support project programmes in the Siane local level government area. The RSDP programme is being implemented as pilot projects in five provinces. Chimbu is one. Mori has now thrown down the challenge to Kerowagi, Gumine and Sinasina-Yongomugl to do the same. Nelson Mandela said: “I cannot live in happiness and see my people face suffering; if they suffer I suffer with them”.

Chris Pati,
TF Team Su

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