Letters in brief


Child abuse:
As a parent, I believe this to be the worst case of sexual abuse involving a prominent community leader, who is also the principal of a school. To prey on underage children is inhumane, especially when the accused carries an air of importance and respectability. If the principal of a school is himself or herself untrustworthy then what confidence can parents have to send their children there? A little girl has been sexually molested and my sympathy goes out to her and the parents and relatives for the trauma and pain suffered.

Concerned resident, Lae.

Interim protection:
An interim protection order issued by the court is meant to protect women from their husband but clearly some women seek this ruling to protect themselves from scrutiny and reprisals while they enjoy an adulterous relationship. When the order is made against the husband, the poor guy has no means of talking to his wife, etc, while the wife continues her adulterous relationship. I believe the protection order should be removed and replaced by a law that will help both men and women.

Policy analyser,

Unfaithful wife:
A couple have been married for six years but the unfaithful wife has never honoured her wedding vows. She does not think of the promises she made to God and her husband. Marriage is a legal covenant made with God and the husband, or wife, in front of the congregation and priest. In this case the woman left her husband and joined another church. When she confessed to her pastor, he told her to marry to another man. “What God has joined together let no man put asunder” (Matthew 19:6). A pastor has broken that order.

Deddly Kumangan,

Referendum challenged:
The United Nations says it does not recognise Noah Musingku and his Kingdom of Papala and Mekamui, but how is anyone going to stop those under Mekamui from taking part in the referendum, or guarantee them the freedom to vote freely without intimidation or pressure of any kind? The unpredictability of the referendum is my concern, and I have commented on that many times, especially when Papua New Guinea does not have a National Intelligence Organisation office to advice GoPNG on its vulnerabilities and risks.

Cyril Gare